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Kekchi Mayan History - In Belize

The Kekchi Maya are originally from the Verapaz region of Guatemala. Their land was formally known as Tezulutlan or “the land of war" and the Kekchi people were ruled by a king who had his own laws and government. The Kekchi settled in Belize around the lowland areas, along rivers and streams, forming small isolated villages (over 30 communities in all), throughout the Toledo District of Belize. The Kekchi people are the most populous Mayan group found in Belize. Because of their isolation, the Kekchi have become the most self reliant ethnic group found in Belize. They are a peaceful people, known for their cooperative practices in farming and cultural development.

The Rich Culture

The Kekchi Maya maintain a strong link to the past through rituals, folklore and family. Fiestas, dancing and traditional music remain important as several festivals and celebrations occur throughout the year.



The ancient Maya invented chocolate. The raw chocolate bean is called cacao.


Observe the hand grinding of the cacao beans and taste the chocolate in its various forms.

Chocolate Drink

The Maya didn't just enjoy cacao as a drink, however. They revered the beans as sacred, calling it the food of the gods and naming it “Ka'kau.”

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